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Creating a Spring Boot project with Intellij IDEA

Sometimes we have to create a new project for any reason: study, work or just a test. There also a lot of tools that help us to create one, in this tutorial I will show you how to create a new spring-boot project direct from you Intellij IDE.

For this tutorial I am using the last version of Intellij IDE (2023.1)

Creating the project:

The first step is creating a new project, can go to:

File > New > Project

After, that you have to select Spring Initializr and fill your project information.

In this window you fill:

Name: name is the name of your project

Location: the local that the project will be saved

Language: language of you project

Type: dependency management that will help us with the dependencies Gradle Or Maven

Group: name of the base packages

Artifact: name of the artifactory

Package name: base package that will store your classes

Jdk: local java jdk that you will use

Packaging: type of the package that the project will generated, for spring-boot we use Jar

When you click in Next, you can choose all the dependencies of your project.

If you like create a spring-boot rest api, find for dependency Spring Web like the following image.

When you finish to choose all dependencies, click in Create to generate the project.

In this moment you project are created and the IDE will try download all dependencies and configurations.

Now you can start code !

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