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Understanding AWS S3 in 1 minute

Amazon Web Services AWS is one of the most traditional and resourceful Cloud Computing services on the market. One of the most used resources is S3.

What's AWS S3?

AWS S3 is an abbreviation for Simple Storage Service. It is a resource managed by AWS itself, that is, we do not worry about managing the infrastructure. Provides an object repository allowing you to store objects from different volumes, backups, sites, perform data analysis, manage Data Lakes, etc. It also provides several integrations with other AWS services aimed at a base repository.

S3 Structure

AWS S3 is divided into different Buckets containing a folder structure based on customer needs.

What's a Bucket?

S3 Bucket is a kind of container where all objects will be stored and organized. A very important thing is that this Bucket must be unique.


In the image below we have a more simpler design of the S3 architecture with buckets and folder directories.


The AWS ecosystem makes it possible to integrate most of its and third-party tools. S3 is one of the most integrated resources.

Some examples of integrated services:

  • Athena

  • Glue

  • Kinesis Firehose

  • Lambda

  • Delta Lake

  • RDS

  • Outros


AWS provides SDK compatible for different programming languages ​​that makes it possible to manipulate objects in S3, such as creating Buckets, folders, uploading and downloading files and much more.


Books to study and read

If you want to learn more about and reach a high level of knowledge, I strongly recommend reading the following book(s):

AWS Cookbook is a practical guide containing 70 familiar recipes about AWS resources and how to solve different challenges. It's a well-written, easy-to-understand book covering key AWS services through practical examples. AWS or Amazon Web Services is the most widely used cloud service in the world today, if you want to understand more about the subject to be well positioned in the market, I strongly recommend the study.

Well that’s it, I hope you enjoyed it!


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